Examples of Optical Illusions That Will Confuse You

optical illusion

What is optical illusion or optical illusion? How do people get the illusion of perception? Have you ever felt like you are moving backwards when the car next to you is moving forward while the car is not moving? Sometimes your eyes see things your brain doesn’t understand. We can call the images or pictures that we perceive different from what they actually are, optical illusions. – that is, pictures or images that play tricks on your eyes and confuse your brain. Optical illusions, besides being fun, help us better understand vision and show how closely our eyes and brains work.

Scientists have been working on optical illusions and still don’t fully agree on how they work. However, many scientists believe that certain optical illusions are caused when the information received by our eyes conflicts with how our brain interprets this information. The brain cannot understand what the eyes see, so it goes back to its previous experience. It turns the unfamiliar into something familiar.

In other words, optical illusions occur when our eyes send information to our brain that tricks us into perceiving something that doesn’t match reality.

Sometimes there are pictures that can be seen in different ways depending on the person. While some may see a young lady at first glance in the picture, another may see an old woman in the same picture. On the other hand, there are techniques that make objects of the same size appear in different sizes. Even non-existent or physically impossible pictures or objects put you in a paradox. You may be very surprised when you see moving objects in a picture.

Here are examples of optical illusions or optical illusions where you will see all these and more…

Optical Illusion Examples

1) Is there a rabbit or a duck here?

optical illusion
Are you looking left or right?

2) What do you see in this picture?

coffer illusion
Vase – two hundred?

3) Note the horizontal lines – optical illusion

Muller Müller Lyer illusion
Both are the same length

4) Did you count the feet of this elephant?

Zöllner Illusion
How many legs does this elephant have?

5) You will be surprised when you look at the table

Johan Karl Friedrich Zöllner
What do you see in this chart?

6) Can you walk down this corridor?

ponzo illusion
This floor is actually flat

7) Look straight at this picture, then turn it upside down

kanizsa triangle illusion
Old woman
ebbinghaus illusion
Young women

8) After looking at the red dot in this picture for 30 seconds, look at a lightly painted wall or another floor. You won’t believe it when you see the real woman – optical illusion

gestalt theory of perception optics
Take a moment to look at the red dot
what is optical illusion
real picture of woman

9) Which of these orange circles do you think is bigger?

illusion of perception
Both are the same size

10) Has anyone seen the young man? look carefully

optical illusion perception differences
Old man’s nose, young man’s chin

11) Do you see the young woman or the old woman in this picture?

Old woman’s nose, younger woman’s cheek and chin

12) Look at the frames in this picture for 30 seconds, do you see the 16 circles that are not actually there?

illuzyon 5
Have you seen the apartments?

13) Which of them is a girl and which is a boy?

Both are the same woman, only the right picture is darkened.

14) Which horizontal line is longer?

optical illusion
Both are the same length, you can measure

15) Are there spirals here?

optical illusion optical illusion
No spirals here, only circles.

16) Which of squares A and B is darker?

differences in perception optical illusion
You won’t believe it, but squares A and B are the same color.

17) Are these lines parallel? you will say no

These lines are parallel to each other.

18) But are they parallel? – optical illusion

muller lyer illusion
These lines are parallel to each other.

19) Which pear is lighter in color? – optical illusion

johan karl
Both pears are the same color

20) Look at this bike for a few seconds, is it moving? – optical illusion

optical illusion

21) Which line is longer, vertical or horizontal? – optical illusion

karnizsa ebbinghaus
Both lines are the same length

22) Could such a shape exist? – optical illusion

shape optics

23) Which man is taller? – optical illusion

magic hallucinations
These 4 guys are all the same height.

I think these optical illusions, illusions or perceptual illusions have confused you quite a bit. But it sure is a lot of fun. Don’t forget to share with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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