Lifzade Bow Fiber Model Making

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Lifzade Bow Fiber Model Making

Necessary materials

Use of cream colored fiber yarn

glittery embroidery floss

Choosing a crochet hook for your hand

Scissors, sewing needle, beads

Preparation: First, let’s draw three chains into the second chain, reach the number of peanuts that are closed, and 14 peanuts on top of the peanut, 15 peanuts will be open peanuts, and let’s form a round ring with 16 peanuts, knit six rows around the ring with the star knitting technique. We do the edge crochet application on eight peanuts. Let’s continue knitting the fiber pattern with the star technique on the remaining eight peanuts. You can find the detailed explanation of the model in our video. Good luck with..

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Lifzade Bow Fiber Model Making VIDEO EXPRESSION

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