Making a cardigan model from two knit collars

Today, we continue our knitting work with the cardigan model, starting with two knit collars. We tried to explain a very useful model that is suitable for both babies and children. We can knit our model and use it simply, or we can use it by adding motif ornaments.

It is a model suitable for both girls and boys. It can be adapted for both genders by working in the desired colors. In addition, by using different ornament motifs, we can obtain cardigan models with different looks.

In the video, we used a 100gr/250mt baby wool and a compatible 4mm knitting needle. You should choose a skewer in a number that is compatible with the yarn you will use and the knitting you have. We knitted in a size compatible with 0-3 months. You can adjust the dimensions according to the desired age by increasing them proportionally. You can learn all the details of the model by watching our video. You can easily knit and complete the cardigan model by knitting with our video.

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