New Design Dowry Long Fiber Model Making

Hello, dear dear mom followers, new fiber modeli great for seekers new design dowry long fiber We wanted to share the model with you. The design of the fiber model, which was designed by Ms. Akgün Gülün, was presented to us by Suzan’s handicraft world Youtube channel.

fiber models It is one of the most popular handicrafts of recent years. Our ladies continue to reveal new designs and new examples in fiber models, which are more preferred in our girls’ dowry. As the interest in fiber models increases and their prevalence increases day by day, it provides great benefits to our ladies who make a profit with handicrafts. Fiber models are easy to make, can be made quickly and there are examples for each person, which increases the interest in fiber production.

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New Design Dowry Long Fiber Model

What are the materials required for the fiber model?

We need fiber floss, awl, scissors and a ring.

You can choose the yarn colors you want.

Fabrication: First of all, let’s make around the ring with the technique we use with a single needle, break the rope and set it aside, then draw a chain and form a ring, let’s do the peanut technique inside the ring and pull a chain in between. Let’s create a small circular motif, we continue with the other rope. Let’s create the slices of the fiber, we make six slices with the star technique. We will prepare long fibers from three large motifs. You can find all the details of the model, how many chains were drawn, in the video narration. We wish you a good time..

We would like to thank Akgün Gülün Hanım and Suzan’s handicraft world.

uzun lif

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