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We continue to share new decoration ideas with paper, in this video we present you with decoration ideas that can be a good idea for decorating the classroom with two beautiful papers, decorating the room with paper, decorating a birthday. We can say that it is one of the best activities to do with children. It will be a very fun activity for children before and after school.

Making heart and fan lantern decoration with paper It is very useful for the pre-school period, both for passing time and for hand muscles and development. For school-age children, it is an activity that can spice up their special days. The use and value of something they produce will also support children’s self-confidence. I recommend you to do this work especially as a family activity.

Necessary materials

Colored paper, scissors, glue.

Do not forget to take a closer look at our website for activities made with different paper. You can access a few of these works by clicking the link.

If there are different works that we want us to do with video narration, it will be enough to write us in the comments section under the video. We also welcome comments, suggestions and support comments about the video. Your comments are really valuable to us. We will be waiting to reply to all comments.

Goodbye to all of you, see you in the next works.

Making a Heart and Fan Lantern with Paper
Making Flowers with Crape Paper – Decoration Idea

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