Star making with paper – Dear Anne

Preschool activities made with paper are loved by both parents and children. Today we make stars with paper. and in a very beautiful 3D format. You can do it at home to spend a pleasant time with your children. If you want, work to support the development of the child in the preschool period. It will be a work that you will enjoy in every way and will make the children happy.

Previously, we have included many activities made with paper on our website. You can find many activities by browsing our site.

After preparing our stars, you can find a place for them in many areas. If you say what we use it; in your birthday organization, gift wrap decorations, wall or ceiling decorations, children’s play and activity rooms, etc. You can use it anywhere you can think of.

The materials we use; colored paper, some string, a needle, a ruler and a glue that can stick the paper. That is all.

I wish you a pleasant work ahead. Goodbye…


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