Towel Edge Needle Lace Model of 2021 with Narration

We have chosen the wonderful towel edge needle lace model of 2021 and its narrative construction for you. When you see this model, you will like it so much that you will want to make it immediately. You can also prepare wonderful dowries with many needle laces. This is one of them. You can examine many models from the Ingenious Hands Needle Lace YOUTUBE channel, which many ladies love to follow. I have added the narrated video of the making of this tulip model below. This video will be very helpful for you. Now let’s take a look at this beautiful model.

Eye-catching Towel Edge Tulip Needle Lace Model Narrated Making

Let’s get started with this model, which is very beautiful on the edges of the towel. First of all, we will make the lower handrail. Make a row of white giraffes beforehand. Stick the needle into the first giraffe and tie the knot. Stick the needle into the next giraffe and create a shape like in the video. Then stick the needle into the frill, go down again and plunge into the next giraffe. (As in the video) Then pass it through the back and tie a knot in the middle, back to the top. Now stick the needle into the next giraffe again and adjust the length as in the video and tighten the knot. Insert the needle upwards again. Then head downstairs, dipping into the next giraffe. Tighten your knot in the middle and go up. It’s going well, isn’t it?blank

Continue in this way until the beginning. You can easily do the rest by watching and listening to the video. Come on ladies we can do it, trust us!

Very Super Towel Edge Tulip Model Video Narration

Source: Ingenious Hands Needle Lace (YOTUBE)

You just have to watch the video till the end. You can get this beautiful needlepoint by listening to all the instructions. Good luck with!

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