Tunisian children’s sweater model making

Hello Tunisian business lovers. Today we tried to explain a new and first knit sweater model for you. Baby and children’s sweater models are among the frequently asked questions. We are trying to move forward in this direction.

Tunisian work has a special place in the hearts of knitting lovers with its unique style and enjoyable knitting among knitting techniques.

The tip of our apparatus, called Tunisian crochet or Tunisian skewer, has a crochet-shaped beak and the back part is skewer length. There are 4-5 different sizes depending on the width of the knitting to be made. It is made by more people than before. For this reason, we can easily find Tunisian crochet (skewer) varieties in every haberdashery. Even for comfortable knitting of large and wide items such as blankets, 1mt. There are also very useful varieties with a fishing line on the back.

While knitting our sweater, we used 100gr/250 mt two colors of baby yarn and 4mm Tunisian crochet. If you want to use the yarns of different lengths, do not forget to use the appropriate crochet number for the yarn. In addition, the thickness of the two separate ropes you will use must be the same. You can adjust it according to the age you want by watching the video. It is also a model that can be suitable for adult men. You can use the size chart when adjusting body measurements.

I suggest you watch our video for all the fine details and tricks at all stages. We have included very useful information especially for new learners in the video. After watching, you can support us by sharing our video on your social accounts so that we can reach more people.

I wish you all the best in advance. For more different and more models, do not forget to take a look at the Tunisian knitting models and children’s knitting categories on our site.

Source : https://canimanne.com/tunus-isi-cocuk-suveter-modeli-yapimi.html <- visit click!

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