Tunisian Knitting Pattern Making

Tunisian knitting is an indispensable technique for knitting lovers. There are hundreds of models in this knitting technique. Today, we tried to explain only one of these models, a new model. Our new model is suitable for both baby knitting and adult knitting.

You should choose yarn according to the type of knitting you will do. Choose skewers according to the thickness of your thread and the tightness of your hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3, 4 or 5 numbers. The important thing is that you can knit easily and comfortably.

Let’s start our knitting by pulling a chain in line with the body size we will make. And let’s set up our model by applying the details in the video. The model is especially ideal for seasonal adult knitting. It is highly compatible for cardigan, vest, sweater models. It can also be applied to baby vest, skirt, beanie models. It can be used in decorative covers, sofa shawls, throw pillows and many other works that you can think of.

We recommend you to browse our site for more Tunisian knitting patterns. You can find many different models and constructions on our website. You can also find many new design Tunisian knitting patterns.

Tunisian knitting pattern

You can take a look at the beautiful Tunisian work models.

Source : https://canimanne.com/tunus-isi-orgu-modeli-yapilisi-4.html <- visit click!

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