Türkan Şoray Eyelash Knitting Pattern Making

We are here with Türkan Şoray eyelash knitting model. You can knit shawls and vests with this knitting model that we share upon request. We include a video narration for our friend and other visitors who want the Türkan Şoray eyelash knitting model made with a skewer.

We share the construction of the Türkan Şoray eyelash knitting model with the expression of Şerife Hanım. There were those of you who were wondering about this knitting model, which is especially suitable for women’s vests and shawls. I searched the site but realized that I had not posted before. I’m surprised I haven’t posted it. Of course, when I realized the lack, Şerife lady’s video came across. I took this opportunity and posted the video here.

It is a model that you can knit with thick or thin needles. The knitting pattern consists of 9 loops. If we count the loops in between, we can say 12 loops in total. Şerife Hanım recommends choosing 4 or 5 numbers as Angora thread and skewer. When we start knitting, we knit a row of harosha and apply the pattern in the back row. First, we knit 3 loops of flat knit, then extend the 9 loops and knit flat. Now we knit 3 loops of plain knit again and knit the next 9 loops. When we pass to the front of the knitting model, we knit the first 3 loops. We knit the next 9 loops together like balls. We wrap a loop on our needle and knit the same loops 5 more times.

We get 9 loops and 9 new loops in total. We continue to knit 3 loops in between and apply the pattern to 9 loops. All loops of the back side will be knitted inside out. We knit straight from the front. Then we apply the second model. Now, after knitting the first 9 loops in the second model, we apply the model to 9 loops.

Türkan Şoray Eyelash Knitting Model Making Video Lecture

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