What are the ways to be happy? 16 Tried Tips!

“Is there ways to be happy?” I can hear you say. Yes, according to me there is. I’m not going to say thank you for your situation, don’t complain, or what problems are there around. I’m just trying to tell you how good some of the things we do in our lives will actually be for us, and that getting different perspectives will change our lives. There is a saying and I totally agree with it.

Thoughts are feelings, feelings are actions, actions are your character, and your character is your destiny. effects.

In order to be happy, I apply the things I listed below. Whether you do it or not, it’s up to you.

1) Don’t get stuck in the past

The secret of being happy

I’m sure we all have memories in our past that we don’t want to remember, that we feel pain about. Even thinking about them can cause us to feel and relive the same pain. My advice to you is that the past is in the past, bringing them to the present will not help anyone. Let them stay there, in the past, they have taught us something and completed their mission.

2) Make do with less

be happy in life

Human beings naturally want to have everything. We all look for beautiful clothes, new household items, new cars, houses, etc., that we see in others. We look with envy. Some of us look with envy and some with enthusiasm. There is no problem so far, the important thing is not to feel unhappy when we do not get what we see. So the beautiful thing is not to look enviously at these new things. This is a negative and abrasive feeling, don’t do this to yourself. Remember that there is no end to this, there must be someone who has more. Focus on what you have, improve if necessary, repair, renew and love what you have. It is much better to be content with little than the harm done by envy.

3) Be strong

ways to be happy

Of course, I’m not talking about physical strength here. Be aware of what a person can do on their own and never think you can’t. Just be ready to tackle the challenges. The setbacks and negativities you will encounter will make you stronger. You know what’s the best? That sense of pride you will feel when you accomplish a task alone. This is what it all costs.

4) Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

How can I be happy?

Be brave in the decisions you make and never be afraid to make mistakes. The regrets people have before they die are about what they didn’t do, not what they did. So don’t hesitate to apply what you have in mind, what’s the worst that could happen? Do they condemn you, make fun of you, do you humiliate you? It doesn’t matter, at least you tried and failed, it’s that simple. We call this experience.

5) Get hobbies – ways to be happy

How are you happy?

Never give up on what you enjoy doing. Always make time for your hobbies. Reading books, playing instruments, crafts, singing, puzzles, traveling, camping or whatever. In your busy life pace, you can always spare time for them. Believe me, when you take care of the things you love, you will realize that your soul is resting.

6) Have a purpose – ways to be happy

How can a person be happy?

Scientists say that when the human brain is focused on a purpose, it also lasts longer. You see around you that people who don’t have a goal collapse more quickly after they retire. In other words, our brain should be in the mindset of “I have a lot of work to do”. What could these be? If you are a university graduate, you can go to the 2nd University (Open Education), complete your high school or university education, you can get a new job, you can get training from education portals such as Udemy, or you can improve yourself and earn money (child care, writing a book) , making and selling handicrafts or home cooking, etc.). You won’t get Alzheimer’s when you have homework to be busy and goals you want to reach.

7) Have friends

What to do to be happy?

Even though we can do everything on our own, there should be friends around us to talk to for communication. Meet with people you enjoy chatting with, stay away from people who suck your energy. 10 Toxic People That Should Get Out of Your Life Immediately! Check out my article. Talking, sharing and spending time with friends will strengthen your strength and relax you. Meeting with different perspectives, consulting, getting ideas always heals people.

8) Spend 15 minutes doing nothing

What to do to be happy?

There is a story among the Aborigines; One of the Aborigines walking in groups suddenly stopped, waited for a while and then continued walking. When asked why he did this, he said, ‘I am waiting for my soul to catch up with me’. This is exactly what I want to say. In our daily rush, especially us women, we do 2-3 jobs at the same time. While we are taking care of our child, we cook, as if we are tidying up. Moreover, we think and plan a lot of things we need to think about while doing these things. In our spare time, we surf or play games on our phone to relax. But believe me, they can’t relax us as much as being idle. Take 15 minutes a day to sit completely empty and look around. Grab your tea and think slowly about the things you need to think about in the meantime. Let your soul catch up with your body.

9) Cleanliness is a battle against negativity

How are you happy?

I always say this. You clean it, it gets dirty again, you do it again, and it gets dirty again and again. So there is a war against negativity. Of course, I’m not saying that your house should stay dirty. But do you need to tidy up your bed every day, do you need to immediately dust the coffee tables that are a little dusty, should the windows always look sparkling and spotless? Life is too short and I say don’t waste too much of your time cleaning. If you don’t feel like cleaning, just do whatever you like to do. After the daily more superficial tidying up, use your time for more meaningful things. For example, spare time for your child, spare time for yourself, do not spend the time you steal from your pleasure with detergents.

10) Do sports – ways to be happy

What should be done for happiness?

This does not necessarily mean registering at a sports centre. The simplest exercise is walking. Be sure to walk at least 3 times a week (every day if possible). Half an hour, or 45 minutes if you can, is enough. Breathe deeply when you walk, fill your lungs with oxygen. Get more oxygen to your brain. This will make you feel happy and will be very beneficial for your health. You will also be able to control your weight. A person whose weight is as they want is 1-0 ahead in terms of being happy.

11) If you have psychological problems

ways to be positive

If you have psychological problems, traumas or past scars that you cannot solve, seek help from a specialist. Most people abroad have psychologists. There they talk and relax, learn and solve the subconscious causes of their problems. Remember, it is not a shame to go to a psychiatrist or psychologist, it is a way that conscious people prefer. If you have the power and awareness to deal with your problems yourself, of course, you can’t go. I haven’t felt the need until now, but I’m not against it when it is needed one day. But I had some applications such as subliminal cleaning (EFT) done and I saw a lot of benefits. What I’m trying to tell you is that if unresolved problems are hurting you, it’s good to talk to the experts.

12) Don’t give up on your dreams

Is happiness achieved?

Dreaming always gives hope to people and people always make decisions in line with their dreams. Even if these dreams seem unattainable, never give up. Also, people with hope are always positive people. Pay attention to your surroundings, people with negative energy always look at the world and life in this way. Do not be afraid of them, never lose hope no matter what. My favorite word is this. “DIFFICULT IS EASY, IMPOSSIBLE TAKE TIME!” There is always a way to make your dreams come true.

13) Don’t be afraid to say NO

Happiness methods

Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. When someone asks you for something, first listen to your inner child. Let’s see if that kid wants to do that. If you answer No If it comes as a No say. We always say okay even if we don’t want it to be shameful, offended or angry. But when you do these things you don’t want, the child inside you gets hurt, unhappy and this creates a feeling of worthlessness in you, believe me. Sometimes in life you have to be selfish. You are important first. Of course, I am not talking about motherhood or fatherhood. We know no rules when it comes to children. We’re also doing it right. But there must be a limit to this too. It is not right to be dependent on your children by giving up your life and your pleasures.

14) Get small gifts

Tips for being happy

Buy little gifts to the people around you, make them happy. Because one of the ways to be happy is to be happy. These things don’t have to be very expensive. Little things that show that you think and value the other person. The glimmers of happiness you will see in the eyes of the person who receives this gift, believe me, will be very good for you.

15) Believe – ways to be happy

How can I be happy?

Have a faith you can pray with. It doesn’t matter if it’s God, the Universe, Energy, Angels, or a deceased relative. So anything you believe heard you. One of the most important ways to cope with stress is belief. When you go to bed and pray at night, you will feel that you are not alone and you will not lose hope.

16) Smile – ways to be happy


Smiling opens most doors, believe me, because smiling is contagious. When you smile, others smile too. Try it if you want. Also, when you smile, your brain releases the hormone of happiness and you feel really happy.

As a result, there may be some who think that the ways to be happy should not be something that can be listed item by item. Maybe the expectations are different according to the person and there are different ways to be happy. But as I said at the beginning, these are my mottos in life. I just wanted to share.

healthy to all of you, HAPPY I wish you a long life.

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