What is a Menstrual Removal Drug? What Does a Menstrual Remover Do?

antiperspirant drug It is a drug that women use very often recently and is usually taken with a doctor’s prescription. In the simplest terms, this drug is used to regulate the menstrual period that they should have regularly every month. However, these drugs have many different contents and uses. It is not recommended for people to use it without consulting a doctor.

Especially laxative Before using it, it should be checked what kind of treatment you need, if you have menstrual irregularity, how long you have been living, if there is a change in the color of pain, smell or menstrual bleeding unlike usual during menstruation, a smear test should be applied if necessary. For this reason, menstrual cramps should not be used without a prescription.

What Should Be Done to Get Menstruation Immediately?

The fact that every woman has regular vaginal bleeding every month after a certain age is called menstruation or menstruation. However, in some women, this situation is delayed or completely stopped due to congenital reasons and in others due to reasons that develop later or trigger it. In this case, some cures or laxative varieties are included. To become menstruation immediately;

  • Dill
  • Hawthorn
  • Parsley
  • Onion
  • Rosemary
  • Yarrow
  • Sage
  • Ginger
  • You can try teas or cures from products such as thyme.

But you should know that if your period is delayed due to external factors such as stress, sadness or seasonal changes, the products mentioned above may be beneficial. However, if there is an irregularity or bleeding that has been going on for months, you should definitely start medication by consulting your doctor. On some websites 1 antidepressant in 1 day There may be products introduced as

What is the Best Menstrual Removal Drug?

antiperspirant drug It would not be right to look at which one is the best when using it. Undoubtedly, your doctor will make the most accurate diagnosis for you and prescribe the most appropriate medicine for you. In this sense, the best antiperspirant for you will be the medicine prescribed by your doctor. If you use the given medicine for at least 1 month and you do not get the result you want, you can change your medicine by consulting your doctor.

You can increase or decrease the dose. However, it should be noted that the drugs most frequently prescribed by physicians in the market are; Tarlusal, Cyclo Progynova, Duphaston, Naprosyn, Advil Liquigel and Luteynyl. These drugs over-the-counter menstrual pills Women’s Club women recommend each other on social media platforms such as

What are Non-Prescription Menstrual Removal Drugs?

Before menstruation, there are some symptoms in women. A few of them can be seen in one or more of various symptoms such as pain in the groin and waist region, muscle pain in the legs, tenderness in the breasts and edema in the body. However, in the absence of menstruation, excessive irritability, swelling in the hands and feet, sudden mood changes and emotionality are observed.

In such cases, when cures and herbal teas do not work, women look for medicines that can be taken without a prescription. It is not correct to use it without consulting your doctor, but menstrual cramps without prescription You can find as:

  • Tarlusal
  • Luteynyl
  • Duphaston
  • Glifor
  • Cyclo Progynova

1- Menstrual Removal Drug Names | tarlusal


Menstrual Remover Drug Names

When you are not on your period, the estrogen hormone is high, and the periods when you are menstruating are when the progesterone hormone is high. However, in some cases, bleeding does not occur when progesterone remains low. During such periods, menstrual cramps are needed. tarlusal drug It is a type of drug used for this purpose. It is the most well-known and frequently prescribed drug in the group of menstruation.

2- Luteynyl

Luteynyl drug is produced especially for use during periods when progesterone hormone is insufficient and laxative It is a type of drug available in the market. It is produced in the form of 5 mg tablets and is taken in the form of one tablet per day. It does not matter whether it is on an empty or full stomach, but if you have any stomach ailments, it is recommended to take it on a full stomach.

3- Duphaston

Duphaston drug is also laxative It is a drug that lasts for 21 days in total, taken once a day in case of no or irregular bleeding due to various reasons. At the end of 21 days, you can buy Duphaston without a prescription, which is expected to have menstrual bleeding in 3 to 7 days, but we recommend that you do not use it without consulting your doctor.

4- Glifor


Glifor drug is a drug used especially by people who have Type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance problems. However, since it directly affects hormones, it also helps to solve the problem of menstrual irregularity, if any. For this reason, the medicine Glifor is recommended by physicians especially for patients who have weight problems and also have menstrual irregularities. laxative as they prescribe.

5- Cyclo-Progynova

Especially for many years those who use anti-inflammatory drugs Cyclo Progynova is one of the drugs that is used very frequently and has made a name for itself in this sense. It is especially prescribed to young girls who have passed the age of puberty and have not had a menstrual period, or to those who have passed 1 year since giving birth and still have not menstruated. menstrual pill cyclo-progynova It is one of the most frequently prescribed by doctors.

Is Menstrual Removal Medicine Harmful?

As with many drugs laxative Some side effects are also observed in the groups. Although these side effects are usually very rare, you may still experience side effects as a result of misuse or an allergy to a substance in its content. Apart from this, the use of menstrual cramps is definitely not recommended for pregnant women. Therefore, it should be used in consultation with a doctor.


Most of the time, using a period-reducing medication will work. However, we cannot say that it creates positive results for every woman when its use is stopped. According to the comments of some users, menstrual irregularity may also occur after the medication. That’s why you can apply natural methods of menstrual removal methods. One of these methods is consuming parsley juice. How to Make Menstrual Remover Parsley Juice You can get information about the subject by looking at our article.

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