What is Crusher? Word Meaning and Usage Areas

In our article what is a crusher We will look for an answer. Breaking rocks or mineral structures is a very difficult and arduous task. Doing all of these jobs requires professional work. The general name of the factories providing stone crushing service is known as crusher. Crushers are critical machines, especially when lifting rocks for the first time. Huge facilities and powerful machinery are required to break these huge rocks. These stones are broken into small pieces by these machines and used in construction. The stone was restored and turned into a raw material for the construction industry. These stones are used in roads, bridges and infrastructure projects.

Crushers are divided into different types according to different usage areas. In mines and quarries where rock is prioritized, the largest, fixed crushers are preferred. Fixed crusher has higher performance. The gravel here is marketed in various sizes.

Mobile crusher models are generally preferred in construction sites. Here the broken stone is reduced to a smaller size. There are stones of the desired size according to the usage area. A fixed platform is not needed because construction is usually for a fixed period of time. The mobile crusher model can be moved to the new building, which will start after the existing building is completed. Therefore, it offers a faster, more practical and more functional use.

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Crusher?

crusher machine It entered our language from French as a word and came to the market as the name of the breaker. What is a crusher machine The question is a detail that is curious about many sectoral or non-sectoral issues. A crusher is a machine that can process the coarse material obtained in the quarry into smaller shapes and prepare it for use in various sections. For this reason, it should be emphasized that these machines are a very large crushing and screening plant.

Konkasör companies doing the work has been serving in our country for many years and produces at the point that meets the needs of the companies. There are basically two production methods: mobile crushers and fixed crushers. However, different production stages can be seen in many details in terms of capacity, power, working methods and uses. Working under harsh conditions, these facilities can extract production materials for many departments. It is an indispensable element in sectors such as road, asphalt and construction.

For this reason, it consists of high quality and durable materials, taking into account all working conditions and materials that are difficult to process. At a given moment, the crusher manufacturer uses the highest quality materials to maximize product quality, durability and performance. The company that does the crusher business understands some information according to the needs of its customers and develops projects accordingly. The project of the facility is determined by the type, quality, size and performance of the products to be processed and transferred to the customers. Getting the customer work area and the crusher production area ready in the appropriate floor area will make the installation expeditious. While starting the production phase, experienced personnel suitable for assembly processes will go down to the construction site to establish a facility. For this reason, the facilities whose production is completed start to work after the test phase.

What are the Usage Areas of Crushers?

In places where there are stones and rocks, it is necessary to use a crusher. It has many usage areas from mining sites to construction sites. It is used to crush rocks in mine crushing plants, quarries, beneficiation plants, aggregate plants and other places. Fixed crushers are preferred since continuous crushing works are carried out in these places.

It is used in infrastructure projects, organized industrial zones, highway constructions, high-speed train constructions, subway constructions, natural gas pipeline laying, hydroelectric and wind power plants, etc. Crushers are used to break and sift the rocks. Mobile crushers are generally used here. Since these are planned jobs, the breaker is moved to a new work area when the job is finished.

Waste generated at the construction site should be separated and transported. Sometimes, when tunnels are dug in mountainous regions, large-sized rocks come out. They are transported by mobile crusher machines. Excavations within the scope of urban development should be divided into small parts for transportation. In such cases, a crusher machine should be used. In short, in every area where there is a building and crusher machine will be used.

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