What is Rosehip? What Is Rosehip Good For? Where Does Rosehip Grow?

Rosehip is the fruit of the wild rose bush. The bushes, which come to life in the spring and turn to white or pink flowers in the summer, mature in the fall. And in this way, it gives us its endless fruit for the winter.

Rosehip is a fragrant fruit. With its bush structure, its branches are quite thorny. It is estimated that its original homeland was Turkey and from there it spread to the world. In our country, it grows mostly in the Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolia regions. It is known that there are different varieties. It is said that there are 27 species of rose hips growing naturally in Turkey.

In our country, it mostly grows spontaneously in forest clearings, on rocks, in rural areas and even on roadsides. If it is desired to be planted, the autumn period is suitable. It can also be planted in spring in regions with harsh cold winters. It is also possible to grow the seeds by germinating or sowing directly into the soil.

Rosehip Benefits

What are the benefits of rose hips ?

It is said to contain 60 times more vitamin C than even lemon.

It strengthens the immune system.

Increases body resistance.

It is good for anemia due to iron deficiency.

It is very effective for eye health.

It beautifies the skin.

It delays aging by increasing collagen in the body.

It has a healing effect on wounds and acne.

It benefits cell regeneration.

It prevents constipation.

how to make rosehip tea
how to make rosehip tea

It protects against cancer.

It lowers bad cholesterol.

Let’s take a look at how we can consume this fruit, which is such a useful source of healing.

Fruits collected around September can be consumed fresh or dried. It is widely dried and consumed as a tea. In addition, jam, marmalade, syrup and molasses can be made. Be sure to consume this fruit, which is a source of healing in every way, whether as a food or a drink.

Let’s give a recipe for rosehip tea in its simplest form, so that everyone can be healed.

Dried rose hips are washed well. On average, 1 teaspoon of rosehip is added to a glass of water. If you prefer intense flavor, you can increase the amount of fruit. The tea, which is boiled for 15-20 minutes, is left to infuse. The longer the brewing time, the better the color and the more intense the flavor.

Good luck to those who drink.

In this article, we tried to give information about the answers to questions such as where does the rosehip tree grow, where does the rosehip grow in Turkey, where does the rosehip grow the most?

Rosehip production turkey

In Turkey, rosehip is mostly grown in the Black Sea region, Kastamonu, Bartın, Bolu, Sinop are the leading ones. In addition, serious production is carried out in Erzincan and Gümüşhane provinces with 2020 and 2021 government incentives.

Distribution of Rosehip Areas by Provinces (2019)

PROVINCES Planting Area (gives) Number of Manufacturers PROVINCES Planting Area (gives) Number of Manufacturers
Kastamonu 17.340 39 Kirklareli 10 3
Adana 2.803 1 Isparta 8,43 2
Bartin 2.154 1 Eskisehir 8,11 1
Divided 1.839 2 Canakkale 7,2 5
Sinop 1.033 2 İzmir 6,34 4
Sivas 889 22 Kütahya 4,6 3
slap 298 48 Kirikkale 4,1 1
Amasya 139 18 Zonguldak 1,89 1
Kayseri 105 6 Malatya 1,66 1
Samsun 96 16 Kirsehir 1,2 2
Corum 93 19 Gumushane 1,03 1
Bursa 57 7 Bayburt 1 1
Erzincan 56 6 Balikesir 0,5 1
Konya 34 7 Myrtle 0,5 1
Sakarya 33 2 İstanbul 0,2 2
Nevsehir 27 2 Antalya 0,14 1
Cankiri 19 2 Elazig 0,05 1
Army 14 1
Total Area (da) 27.085
Total Number of Manufacturers 232

Source: ÇKS, 2020

Source : https://canimanne.com/kusburnu-nedir-kusburnu-nelere-iyi-gelir-kusburnu-nere-yetisir.html <- visit click!

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