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welding processIt is a method frequently used in daily life, especially in joining metals and thermoplastic materials. These processes are known for having a wide production and usage area. The connection is made using heat and pressure alone or simultaneously. The process of adding materials of the same type or with the same or very close melting temperature is called metal welding. In general, a technique is used in welding, which is the melting of metal materials and combining them with added filler materials. Resources are a general type of transaction made up of various applications. The strength of different materials and different melting standards make them different according to their specific technical application in the field.

Until the end of the 19th century, metals were joined by heating and forging, which only blacksmiths could use. welding method was known. arc welding and oxygen sourcewere the first methods developed at the end of this century, followed by resistance welding. In the first quarter of the 20th century (after the First World War and the Second War), there are various reports on its existence in manual methods (manual metal arc welding), semi-automatic and automatic methods (gas metal arc welding, etc.). modern welding techniques research has been done on it, and at this point, a lot of progress has been made in a positive sense. This development continues with the discovery of laser beam sources and electron beam sources in the second half of this century.

What are the Resource Usage Areas?

Where is the resource used?

resourcesIt is an extremely important process that is applied in different places such as closed environments, open spaces, underwater and space, and used to bring together various materials. The use of resources has led to the development of many different technologies and methods. Whatever the method to be used, it should be done by experts in the field and using protective clothing. During this process, there are risks such as high heat, high electricity, ultraviolet rays and the release of various toxic fumes. It is necessary to have detailed information about the process in order to decide which source and method should be used for which material.

seemingly simple welding processmay fail due to the use of the wrong filling material, wrong method or technique. For this, we must first answer the question of what are the sources in detail and understand the types of sources. Using the wrong methods and techniques can lead to various health problems. It is necessary to combine the most suitable materials with the most accurate methods.

Attaching Reinforcement with Welded Joints

How to Weld?

welding processIt starts with melting the parts first. A filler material is added to the melted portion. Then the melting point is cooled and hardened. After all these processes, the process is completed. In some welds, the joining process is done under pressure and heat. It is made by pressure soldering. No melting is required here.

What are the Source Types?

Source types and things to know about source types What are they, let’s list them under headings:

What is Stick Electrode Arc Welding?

electrode welding

electrode welding

electrode arc welding, is a manual method that can be done in open or closed areas. It is a type known as MMA arc welding. It is obtained due to the high temperature required for welding to form an arc at the junction of the materials to be bonded. Electrodes are used to create this structure called arc. This method is one of the most widely used methods, especially in joining metal materials. Due to its lightness, it can also be used in narrow and restricted areas.

What is Oxy Acetylene Source?

Oxy Acetylene Source

Oxy Acetylene Source

It is a resource that is easy to use and is widely used due to its economical equipment. The flame, which reaches an average temperature of 3100°C, is formed as a result of the combined combustion of oxygen and acetylene. This method is also widely used for cutting metal. However, due to the continuous development of different methods, the rate of use in the industrial field is gradually decreasing. However, it is still the most commonly used welding type for pipes and ducts.

What is Gas Welding?

Gas Welding

Gas Welding

Caused by the burning of the electrodes used source It is a viable method because of its heat. At the same time, the exhausted electrode is melted to form the metal required for welding.

What is Tig (Argon) Source?

Tig (Argon) Welding

Tig (Argon) Welding

Source It is a type of welding in which the high heat required for this is done by means of an inexhaustible electrode, that is, a tungsten electrode. In order to answer clearly about sources, it is important to emphasize that there are different sources and their types.

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