What should be considered when buying jeans? 14 Tips!

Jeans, jeans, blue jeans, blue jeans, which are our life savers in our wardrobes. Women have an average of 3 jeans in their wardrobes. Some may have more, while others may have less. Today, this type of trousers has become truly indispensable. Because sometimes you go shopping with jeans, sometimes you can even go to the theater or a business meeting. This piece of clothing that hides the flaws of the body has become truly universal. However, you should read this article first to find out whether our jeans are good jeans or which jeans are more suitable for our body shape. Then you can go to buy the best quality jeans that suit you right away.

Here are the things you should pay attention to in the dressing room when buying jeans.

1) Size

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Keep in mind that jeans that are a little loose when you wear them will get looser. Your jeans that have become loose on you and have lost their shape will not look good at all. You should also avoid jeans that are too tight because they will loosen anyway. When you put on the pants, first sit on the chair in the dressing room. If the pants make it difficult for you to breathe and move, this is not the right size. So what should be the right size jeans? You should try a pair of jeans that are a little tight for yourself. Because the denim fabric loosens itself as it is worn and grows by about half a size over time. It may seem a little tight when you wear it at first, but if it doesn’t make your movement and breathing difficult, this size is perfect believe me.

2) Fabric

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The threads of a good denim fabric should be intertwined with each other in diagonal lines. The outside of a real jeans should be darker than the inside. Only the outside of a good denim is painted and therefore the inside is always a light color. Fabrics with the same color inside and out are not quality jeans.

3) Metal parts

how to understand good jeans
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Watch out for zippers, buttons, or other metal parts (copper, aluminum, nickel, or brass). These are metals that are durable for good jeans.

Make sure the metal parts are well made, have no defects on them, and the zipper holds well when up.

4) Belt loops

Things to consider when choosing jeans
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We mean the loops that hold the belt. There are usually 5 arch loops for optimal arch support. Some companies like Wrangler add 2 more cycles to their models. So if there are less than 5 belt loops, it is better not to buy this model. The scarcity of belt loops prevents the belt on the jeans from being tight and stylish. Also note that the belt loops are fastened with parallel and neat stitches.

5) Back pocket size

Which jeans should I buy?
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Make sure that the back pockets of your jeans are proportional to your hip size. Otherwise, the rear view of your body will not be pleasant. Ladies with wider hips should avoid jeans with small pockets as your hips will appear even wider. Girls with small hips don’t need big pockets either – they will make the hips look even smaller.

6) Distance between pockets

which jeans are good
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The distance between the back pockets greatly affects how your hips look. If the distance between the pockets is large, it will make the hips appear wider than they are. Likewise, if the distance is narrow, the hips will appear smaller.

You can use this trick to change the way your body looks. If you do not need to use these illusions, choose models with a middle distance between the back pockets.

7) Label – jeans

skinny jeans
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Labels on jeans can be leather or fabric. Embroidered or embossed lettering and symbols are another sign of quality jeans, and tags can often contain information about jeans. Notice how well and tightly the tag is sewn onto the jeans. If the seam is poorly done, it is better to look for a different model.

8) Distance between bottom seam and end of zipper

slim showing jeans
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High waist jeans usually have a large distance from the seam to the end of the zipper. If you want your lower body to appear longer, you can take advantage of this illusion. To avoid this optical illusion, choose jeans with a reasonable distance between the bottom seam and the end of the zipper.

9) Color of inner label

how to understand quality jeans trousers
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The label you will find inside jeans and similar products should be white. But if it’s red, green, or any other color, your new jeans will most likely lose their color after the first wash.

10) Bel kavisi – jeans

how should jeans be
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If you want your jeans to look stylish on you, make sure that the waist is slightly higher than the front. The waist of the trousers can be straight, but a curved waistband will make the jeans fit better at the waist. This will also look much more stylish.

11) Color – jeans

types of jeans
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There are all kinds of jeans colors that you can buy in stores today. When you walk into a store, think about why you need jeans. So if you are looking for a model that you can wear for both work and party, choose a darker color. Moreover, according to the stylists, dark jeans always look more stylish and give the look of trousers. If you need jeans for daily use, you can choose an indigo color.

12) Wrinkles– jeans

things to watch out for on jeans
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Designers often decorate some models with wrinkles or locally fading the fabric. You can usually see them in the groin or near the knees. Be careful: this decorative detail adds attention to that area. If you’re not sure you want to draw attention to a particular area of ​​your body, opt for wrinkle-free jeans.

13) Side seam – jeans

best of jeans
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The side seam on tight jeans should always run exactly along the leg and be in the middle. If the lines of your pants are not straight, your legs will look crooked and thicker. It also makes your look messy.

14) Bonus

measure on jeans
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These are the things you should consider when buying a good pair of jeans and the jeans that will suit you best. Now I want to give you a hint. Without trying on jeans, you can measure your size in a practical way like this. First of all, zip the trousers and button them if they have a button. Finally, put your elbow on the waist of the jeans with the palms facing up. Your size is perfect if your arm fits perfectly.

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